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Universal siphon + easy cleaning function click-clack plug

Universal wash basin siphons in a set with click-clack plug are available in the version with and without overflow; with a stainless steel or ceramic white cover. Universal siphon does not cause problems with assembly and will be used in almost every bathroom.

The plug body is up to 10 cm, so it can be used in countertop washbasins. It is a big advantage of the plug to clean it from above. It is very easy to remove the plug and remove deposits such as soap and hair, which accumulate on plastic protrusions.

packaging : pendant blister: # 19112, #19114, #19116, #19118

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Ekonomi plus WC connector with mechanical anti-rodent and anti-odour barrier

Ekonomi plus WC connector with mechanical anti-rodent and anti-odour barrier #24044. Dedicated for connecting WC pans. The product features high-quality solutions: the connector is made of HDPE resistant to temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius, the body is monolithic, features length adjustment between 250 and 530 mm and is bendable up to 180 degrees.

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Mechanical anti-rodent barrier for Ø 110 mm WC connectors

Mechanical anti-rodent barrier for Ø 110 mm WC connectors #24057. Features a compound flexible seal. Can be fitted both on the inside and outside of WC flexible or rigid connector spigots with an internal diameter of 100 mm or external diameter of 110 mm. The barrier is spring-loaded and opens under water pressure. The product is also compatible with single-piece WC Monoflex (#25052, #24053, #24054) and Ekonomi (#24043) connectors, and prevents rodents from entering the tube.

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Axus ceramic click-clack washbasin stopper

Axus #15048 ceramic click-clack washbasin stopper is now available. The snow-white, ceramic surface of the stopper is a perfect match for a white ceramic or acrylic washbasin. Ceramic stoppers are highly resistant to abrasion and fading, unlike their plastic counterparts. The product comes equipped with a standard brass click-clack mechanism with a chromed collar and a 1-1/4” thread. Packaging: hangable blister pack perfect for bathroom equipment stores.

Axus standard floor drains now available in 100 x 100 mm

Stainless Axus standard floor drains now available in 100 x 100 mm. Matt finish, horizontal orientation with 360° rotation, Ø 50 mm. The product features a double anti-odour barrier (dry and wet trap). Unit packaging – hangable blister #11315.

Axus floor drains – now with double anti-odour barrier

Axus stainless floor drains now also feature a mechanical anti-odour barrier (dry trap) in addition to a cartridge. They can now also be installed in dry areas such as boiler and drying rooms. Regular waste drains begin to let through dangerous fumes as quickly as after ten days without being used. The indexation of Axus drains has not changed
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Rodent-proof Monoflex WC connector now with flexible seal

We have greatly improved the functionality of the following Monoflex WC connectors: 24043, 24052, 24053 and 24054. These products now come with a flexible seal which improves their functionality, making them significantly easier to fit. The products will become available in March 2018.

Speed 2 with brass stopper – click-clack mechanism

Speed 2 vortex shower trap with the lowest profile on the market

In response to the comments regarding the functioning of the mechanism in trap no. 19238 (the jamming of the spring and instability of the stopper), we have introduced a new version of Speed 2, numbered 19221, now with a click-clack brass mechanism. The chromium body overlaps with the drain and contains no plastic elements. The brass mechanism works smoothly and rigidly.

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