Monoflex is a line of traditional flexible connector tubes. It is the longest-running group of Akces products, developed more than 30 years ago. Monoflex was originally patented by the owners of Akces, and was later copied by the competition. Corrugated Monoflex fittings are available in diameters ranging from 32 to 110 mm and lengths between 100 and 600 mm. The blow-moulded HDPE tubes are resistant to high temperatures (in excess of 100 degrees Celsius) and the majority of household detergents, unlike the markedly worse PVC products imported from Italy and China.

Monoflex features a corrugated surface. It utilises the cavitation phenomenon and does not clog despite its corrugations. Unlike the new generation of Coflex flexible connectors, Monoflex tubes are flexible, but do not have adjustable lengths and cannot be bent without stress. Monoflex connectors, especially their reducer variety (50, 40 and 32 mm), are primarily designed for connecting wastes with plumbing systems in walls and navigating around sewer pipelines.

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