flexible reducer tubes

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Coflex are high-quality monolithic flexible connectors for a quick connection of sanitary facilities, made from HDPE. In 2010, Akces was the first manufacturer of monolithic flexible reducer tubes with adjustable length and shape memory in Poland and Europe. Coflex is the successor of Monoflex. The Coflex line includes diameters between 32 and 110 mm and lengths between 100 and 600 mm. It is made up of flexible reducer tubes, stub pipes and flexible angle joints. Coflex reducer tubes offer greater functionality compared to traditional Monoflex connectors, both for sellers and end users.

Regulacja długości wide range of length adjustment- sustainable shape memory
Wieloredukcja multi-reduction– significantly more possible arrangements
180˚ kąt gięcia produktu 180˚ bending angle of the product– no limitations regarding shape formation

Coflex helped to omit drain pipes under the bathtub

Coflex enabled drainage connection in a narrow space

Coflex WC simplified toilet bowl installation

Coflex facilitated washbasin trap assembly

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