Speed 2- the fastest of the lowest

Speed 2 is the second generation of the highest-quality Polish drain traps, designed for owners of very shallow shower trays with Ø 50 and 90 mm slots. This line of vortex products is currently the flattest group of traps on the market, offering throughputs of up to 42 l/m (175% of EN-274 standard).

Speed 2 bodies feature the vortex water drainage system, which also makes them self-cleaning. Despite their flat shape, the traps feature a 40 mm water seal – unheard of in traps of this size, which are usually dry. Its compact body allows for an 11 cm pivot radius and makes fitting possible almost anywhere. The product is a monolithic structure and requires no additional connections, which means that there is virtually no risk of leaking.

Speed 2 traps come in attractive, colourful PE packaging. The wide variety of covers and stoppers is sure to please even the most sophisticated tastes.

Speed 2 najniższy wirowy syfon brodzikowy na rynku

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