Coflex – the first flexible reducer with shape memory

Coflex- pierwsze złącze wieloredukcyjne z pamięcią kształtu

Coflex – the first flexible reducer with shape memory

Coflex is a single-piece flex connector made of HDPE and manufactured using blow moulding. In 2010, Akces was the first manufacturer in Poland and Europe to offer a flexible reducer tube with adjustable length and shape memory. Coflex is the successor to Monoflex. The Coflex line includes diameters between 32 and 110 mm and lengths between 100 and 600 mm.

Coflex reducers offer greater functionality compared to traditional Monoflex tubes, both for sellers and end users.

Benefits for sellers: takes up 50% less storage space thanks to its flexibility; the 6 Coflex indices replace the 12 traditional Monoflex products, which decreases order fulfilment time; the infinite number of shapes and lengths shortens the purchase process and requires no sales support; possible cross-selling and product presentation on tags.

Benefits for users: universal length adjustment, no exact measurements necessary; their flexibility makes them possible to be fitted almost everywhere; only 6 indices mean less time spent on making purchase decisions, and the flexibility means the tubes take up less space in transport.

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